Abiba Imam Dyuti

Abiba Imam Dyuti is a Bangladeshi-American adolescent who attends Richmond Hill High School and has gotten accepted into Harvard College Class of 2024. At Harvard, she intends on double majoring in Economics and Political Science and minoring in Theatre. She was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh and moved to New York about three years ago. Through her years of high school, Abiba has been active in a multitude of things. She was the captain of her soccer team for all four years, the Junior Class Vice President and is currently the Senior Class Secretary. She is also the editor in chief of her school newsletter and the managing editor of her school yearbook. Abiba has also worked with the community organization DRUM (Desis Rising Up and Moving) which works with South Asian and Indo-Caribbean communities in America; helping them with immigrant rights, workers’ rights, student rights etc. In her spare time, Abiba loves to sing. She plays the guitar, ukulele and the piano, and intends on learning the violin at college. She also consistently performs at cultural events in her local community.