Adnan Syed

Adnan Syed is a writer. Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and currently living in New York, USA. He has completed his MBA in finance from USA. He has been involved with various New York-based art and literature organizations including the New York Book Fair, the New York Film Center, the New York Shahitya Academy, etc. By profession he is a financial analyst, Business analyst and IT consultant. He worked with POP Displays, Diam USA, Tranzact, CSC (corporate Service Corporation), Sun capital etc. He loves to research on Bengalis lives in abroad and their socio-cultural activities. He has his keen interest in the diverse lives, historical, political and social aspects of the people of different countries of the world including Bangladesh. His notable books are: শিপ জাম্পারঃ বাঙালির আমেরিকা যাত্রা (Ship Jumper: Bengali expedition to win America), অ্যাকুরিয়ামের মাছ ও হলুদ প্রজাপতিরা (Fish in aquarium and some yellow butterflies), চেনা অচেনা শহীদ কাদরী (Know and Unknown poet Shahid Qadri), ঔপনিবেশিক ভারতে বিলাতি নারীরা (Women in India under British colonial time) etc. His favorite hobbies are: Traveling, watching movies and reading books. He believes in human freedom and humanity.