Dr. Fatema Ahmed

Dr. Fatema Ahmed is an Internal medicine specialist works in Public health clinic in city of Philadelphia for many years. She is a graduate of Dhaka Medical college.

She serves a large immigrant  community including a big Bangladeshi community.

She is involved in the many activities to improve not only to health care but also cultural and social activities. She lead the activities and seminar in  improving women’s health and empowerment of  immigrant women in Philadelphia. She also lead the Susan Komen’s breast cancer awareness program in Bengali community in grater  Philadelphia.

She has received multiple awards including Humanitarian award by Distress children international.  She has initiated the concept of establishing the center for women’s health in Bangladesh to provide one stop caring with dignity for exclusively women’s health. She is also board of trustee of Kidney foundation Sylhet which is a not for profit center providing free dialysis for 30%of  patients and minimum charge for the rest. Recently Kidney foundation Sylhet has established two corona isolation centers in two Government Hospitals and supporting many Upojillas and few district hospital  during pandemic crisis where people had not enough hospital beds  in the city.

She serve as vice president of a tristate social organization named  Bangladesh association of Delaware valley. Under her active role over the years she supported cultural activities including hosting  3rd North American Bengali poetry conference in 1997 and Convention on Kazi Nazrul Islam  in 2010. She has  also served in the important committee in Muktodhara Boi Mela to continue the heritage of this mission.